Bring your items to us and we will help you find the fastest and most cost effective way to ship them. We are an authorized FedEx shipping center, and do most USPS services. Packing your item so it reaches its destination safe and sound is our main goal.

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There are a plethora of shipping options. Bring your item in, and we’ll help you find the safest option so your package gets where it needs to go. Even if you have a box, bring it in un-fastened…we may have a better option for you.

We have regular daily scheduled USPS and FedEx pick ups to get your package on its way to its final destination.


We have multiple size boxes as well as packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

USPS Flat Rate and Regional boxes are also a great way to ship your item.

We also make custom boxes to fit your unique item.


Prices vary. Each shipment is different.

Prices are determined by size, weight and destination.

We ship USPS First Class, Priority, Media and Parcel Select.

We also ship FedEx Express and Ground.

We are happy to give you all your options and let you decide what is best for you.


We sell stamps! Stamps can be bought individually, by booklet, by sheet, or by roll.

We have a wide variety on display, and keep up with all the latest designs.

We happy to give you quotes for items you have for sale online.

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