4th Street Postal is your family owned and operated full-service postal store. We offer everything to make your life a little bit easier…mailboxes, packaging & shipping, copies, fax, scan, notary, passport photos, office supplies, local gifts, unique greeting cards and more!

At 4th Street Postal, we love what we do, and we hope it shows when you walk through our door.

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Covid-19 Updates

  • Only two customers are allowed in the store at a time to maintain social distancing
  • Masks are required in the store at all times
  • Currently not doing notaries (try a local bank or mobile notary)
  • Please allow extra time for all postage in all carriers due to delays
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Frequently Asked Questions

We do sell stamps. In fact, we have a huge variety of forever stamps, as well as extra ounce, postcard, and international stamps.

Please call USPS at 1(800)275-8777. We are not able to access their system, nor take reports for any issues. Consider getting a secure mailbox at 4th Street Postal if you have more problems.

If you are renewing your passport, yes! We will take your photo, provide the application and send it off in the mail for you. If you need to get a new passport (First time, first time as adult, children under 18, or passport is missing/damaged), please go to the main US Post Office at 2371 Grand Ave, Signal Hill, CA. Go early to avoid the long lines!

Absolutely! We want package security as well. If you are a mailbox customer, package service is included. We send out emails when your package arrives. If you’re not a mailbox customer, we are happy to accept your package for $5.00. Please call and give us a heads up and then we will contact you when it arrives.

Yes, we’re happy to send your mail to you wherever you are in the world. We’ll just charge you the price of the postage.

Absolutely! We will look for your best price between USPS and FedEx, as well as fill out all the customs forms for you. Keep in touch with that friend or family member overseas!

We are a private postal store. In order to succeed we do need to charge a little more than the US Post Office. However, we have short lines and super customer service. We also don’t charge an exorbitant amount – we want our customers to come back again and again.

Unfortunately, we are not doing any notaries due to COVID-19. Please try your local bank (i.e. Chase Bank) or try a mobile notary that will come to you. 

I-9s are immigration forms and a Notary Public is not authorized to notarize an immigration form. Please contact your employer for other options.

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